Bold Witness

This is what 2nd generation disciple-making looks like to us: 

One of our YWAM-FM team leaders tells us what it looks like when disciples make disciples…boldly! 

“A dear young believer of Muslim background was with her new disciple at a wedding. The disciple stood up and asked around 80 women if they would like to hear a story about ‘somebody’- which was of course her self. As people of their culture love stories, they all agreed enthusiastically! So she shared her testimony – her friend silently praying for her throughout.  

“At the end, all of the women loved the story! ‘Won’t you tell us another one?’ ‘Yes… I will continue at the next wedding.’ There are many weddings in this community, so within a few weeks they met again. She shared another story, as promised, but this time she gave an invitation. Around eight of them responded positively, wanting Jesus to do the same for their lives! As a result, they began meeting regularly in a kindergarten classroom to learn from the Scriptures. 

At this point, over 20 ladies have become followers of Jesus!  

“As a team, we never told them that they should do this at a wedding. We probably would have discouraged them from sharing with such a large group. They went for it any way. I am amazed at their boldness! Our team member who is discipling them has this kind of confidence. I believe her passion is rubbing off on them in a very good way! The Holy Spirit takes away fear and intimidation. If He is given complete control over any movement I believe we can expect even more of this kind of boldness!” 

… And that’s what 2nd generation discipleship looks like to us! 


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