After the Fair



This is what 2nd generation disciple-making looks like to us:

David contacted me with an update on an outreach at a New Age fair… in a Muslim country! “At the fair some guys I had discipled told me they were able to pray for around 100 people. And they were really touched by God!”

He added, “I only went into the fair for a few minutes.” David’s choice to stay in the background was wise. Without depending on David, the new believers exercised their faith and discovered Jesus working through them as well. Best of all, local people heard about Jesus and experienced demonstrations of His power through their own people and in their own way.

“Two weeks later they planned a follow up event.” With David’s encouragement, they ran the whole event themselves. David stayed at home. Although they were hoping for many people to attend this follow up meeting, about ten showed up. “I think they were expecting more. But I was excited. I was reminded of the lepers Jesus healed, when only one came back to thank Him.”

The Muslim background couple he’s been discipling have been transformed. They can’t help but tell people about this change wherever they go. The husband told David that he is no longer satisfied “wasting his time with small talk.” “He’s got to share the good news,” says David. “It’s really been encouraging.”

What’s next?

“I’m now encouraging some home meetings with people who are still pursuing more. This week they’re planning to get together. I’m not really pushing anything…just encouraging what they feel like they’re being led to do.”

“I must say that this is an historical event for this place!” David knows the great potential of “small beginnings.” Paul and Silas saw only a hand-full of people come to faith as a result of their pioneer work in Philippi. But from Lydia’s household and the jailer’s household, a movement grew!

And that’s what 2nd generation disciple-making looks like to us!

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