From Desperation to Discipleship

This is whatdisciplinga new believer looks like to us…  

One day a servant of God named Punit received a voicemail on his phone. A man said ”I am going to kill myself! I will commit suicide and I will die!”   

Not recognizing the voice of the sender, Punit was afraid! “Who was this? And why did he phone me?” He tried to call the number back, but got no answer. So he left messages on the caller’s voicemail. “God is the One who gives life. We should not destroy the life He has given us!” He read out verses about Jesus, who died on the cross so that we might have life.   

At the end of the receiver was a man named Shivraj. He was from a Maratha caste, and addicted to alcohol and cigarettes. Shivraj had fallen in love with a girl, and his father had opposed the match. At that point Shivraj decided to take his own life.   

After receiving Punit’s messages, Shivraj changed his mind.    

The two men stayed in contact with one another. Punit shared more about God, and Shivraj started to see that God was changing his life. After a number of visits and prayers, and much counselling, Shivraj received Christ!   

Shivraj grew in God as Punit taught him through. As with many other YWAM disciple-makers, Punit uses a resource called “Training for Trainers” (T4T)*. Shivraj shared his story with his neighbours, and ten Maratha families came to Christ! Now Shivraj wants to grow in the Lord, and Punit is looking forward to getting him more training.    

That is whatdisciplinga new believer looks like to us!  

*T4T, or Training for Trainers, is a disciple-making/church planting tool developed by Ying Kai. Taught by God’s Word and Spirit, Ying began to train continually multiplying church planting trainers. Working an Asian country, they saw 80,000 new churches started in less than a decade! Learn more at   

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