First Own People, Now to Others

Bayaraa’s Story

For 70 years, my country was under Russian Communism. We were not allowed to believe in any religion. Many of us secretly believed in Buddhism. The Communist regime collapsed, and Mongolians embraced Democracy. That allowed us to have a freedom to embrace different religions and beliefs.

For the first time, after being a tightly closed country, Mongolia opened the door for foreigners. Many missionaries came to Mongolia, and I heard the Gospel from them. I became one of the first Mongolian Christians. In September 1992, in Erdenet (air da net), the third largest city, a YWAM team set out to launch a Disciple Making Movement and I joined them.

From the beginning of the Movement, they always challenged us to go to the neighboring villages, counties and cities to reach unbelievers. Within a couple years, we planted several different daughter churches outside of Erdenet. The missionaries also taught us about the 1040 Window, where most of the unreached people groups live. We started praying for them and even made plans to send our own Mongolian missionaries westward into Central Asia. A few years later we did.

After being an elder of the Erdenet Church for over a decade, my family and I moved to the capital city, Ulaanbaatar. We planted a church with a vision to reach out to the nomads in the countryside and unreached people groups beyond Mongolia. As soon as we settled down and started a church plant in Ulaanbaatar, we got a message from Central Asia where a missionary lady from the Erdenet church was working. She told about several young people who had recently come to Jesus from a remote, unreached people group. She was sending them to Ulaanbaatar to study at the Mongolian International University. She entrusted them to us to make them faithful disciples. For over five years I discipled eleven students, leading them in Bible classes and taking care of them in many ways. Some of these young disciples returned to their country, others continue to pursue degrees in other countries.

In 2012, our church started a daughter church in Inner Mongolia. We trained 2 leaders and, for the last 5 years, my husband visits regularly. Now the church has almost a dozen disciples gathering together in secret every week. In Inner Mongolia, during those years, one time the police scattered the church. Forbidding them from meeting anymore. On another occasion a false teacher stirred up the church. Only the church leaders remained. The others followed the false teachers. Thankfully, since last year, the leaders started the home church again so it is going well. Our Inner Mongolian church leaders became strong in the Lord and are committed to not give up even in the midst of persecution from the government.

In the meantime, our church also planted two daughter churches in Gobi-Altai and Arkhangai provinces in Mongolia.

We are grateful that the missionaries listened to the call of God to come to Mongolia. We are blessed that God is working through us also to reach the unreached.

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