Multiplying Movements

This is what multiplying Disciple-Making Movements among the unreached looks like to us:

From the province of Dadal, near the birthplace of Genghis Khan, came a delegation of Buryat followers of Jesus. Four years after the birth of the first Buryat church in Mongolia they arrived at the annual Mongolia Mission Center (MMC) Conference in Erdenet. Dressed in traditional clothes they took the stage and thanked the Mongolian church for planting the Gospel among their tribe. They shared how the movement had spread not only in Dadal, but beyond. Then they asked to be trained as cross-cultural missionaries so they, too, could send workers to the least reached!

Three years later, at another MMC missions conference in Erdenet, the stage filled with about 30 more Buryat church representatives. These believers had traveled from remote places in Mongolia, as well as villages in Russian Siberia to which the movement had spread. To an amazed audience, they declared praise to God for establishing His expanding kingdom among them!

Out of the Erdenet disciple making-movement, more people equipped in the MMC undertook outreaches to other ethnic tribes in Mongolia. Scouting visits were made to countries in Northeast Asia and Central Asia. Before long Mongolian missionaries had settled in strategic locations throughout that vast region, laboring in dangerous and difficult circumstances, in places very different from their homeland.

And the result? Disciples were made, churches started and new missionaries sent!

Their passion for God’s glory among the nations, and obedience to Jesus’ commands were passed on from person to person, church to church. In 2012 Mongolia was the number one missionary-sending country in the world! And this only two decades after the arrival of the Gospel!

And that is what multiplying Disciple-Making Movements among the Unreached looks like to us!

Read more in To the Ends of the Earth—There and Back, by Maria Andersson. “The story of modern missionary heroes Maria and Magnus will surprise and thrill you—while inspiring you to press in deeper to God’s purpose. Serving on the church planting team in Erdenet under Maria and Magnus’ apostolic and empowering leadership was one of the greatest ministry experiences in my life. The Mongolian Disciple-Making Movement in this story will cause your heart to sing for joy!” – Brian Hogan, author of There’s a Sheep in My Bathtub.

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