Multiplying Satsangs in India

Rohit*, a young Indian YWAMer began to lead a team serving among the Bhojpuri People of North India. His goal and the goal of the team has been to empower Hindu people to become obedient disciples of Jesus and to help them start a transformational disciple-making movement. Beginning in the year 2000, they saw good progress. Disciples were made and fellowships formed.

These fellowships of Hindu-Background believers were named “Satsangs” a Sanskrit word meaning “gathering together for the truth.” In the past few years, Rohit and his team have integrated a powerful new element into the Satsangs which originated in China. It is called “Training for Trainers” (T4T). Now they are seeing a significant increase in fruit!

Rohit tells us that the local elders of the Satsangs help the believers learn to tell their stories and tell God’ stories. Excitedly they go to their own family members and friends in different places. They share their testimonies and Bible stories. The discipling process begins. Through these newly trained believers, the gospel spreads and new Satsangs form.

Some elders in one of the first generation Satsangs have been especially active. Whenever they get the time they go in the villages to make disciples. They started 6 new Satsangs. Those new disciples have gone out too and multiplied to over 20 new groups. So far, they’ve reproduced to the sixth generation.
Rohit and his team work to convince all the disciples: “Every believer can start groups of disciples.” Rohit says, “We gathered about eighty elders and we encouraged each elder and each believer to start a new group of believers. New groups of disciples. In that way, we encouraged them and challenged them. They all were very excited. Everyone, they took the challenge to go and start at least two to three house churches in their own locations. They went and many of them they started new groups of disciples. In that way, the multiplication started to happen.” It is working. Each believer is now discipling people throughout the areas near their Satsangs.

With the belief that “every believer can start groups of disciples” the movement spreads! They have spread from the original few districts to now work in 10 districts. Rohit is happy to report that in 5 of those districts, the work was started by local elders who are members of the movement but they are not YWAMers. Currently there are about 150 fellowships and around 1500 believers.

To God be the glory for what He has done and will continue to do through this growing disciple-making movement.

Learn more about using T4T yourself at

*not his real name

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