Going Down the Road Feeling Glad


This is what a Disciple-Making Movement looks like to us:

Riding down the dusty dirt road in Southern Africa, Ben* watched village after village pass by. It was good to be back in this area briefly to train new workers who would carry on the goals of the expanding movement of disciples of Jesus. Ben recalled the early days when he, his young family and YWAM team from other parts of Africa began first introducing the teaching of Jesus to these communities.

He’d been down this road many times. He remembered looking out upon those villages knowing there were no churches and no believers—the tribe was Muslim—unreached by the Gospel. Back then he prayed that the Lord of the Harvest would one day send workers into the harvest of these villages. As he prayed, he’d imagine more workers like himself, coming from distant lands and very different cultures to bring the Good News of the Kingdom of God to these unreached people.

But today, Ben looked upon these villages—each now with vibrant disciples of Jesus and healthy fellowships. And he was reminded that God’s ways were not the traditional ways – what he saw along the road was not the result of foreign missionaries bringing the Gospel. People who had become obedient disciples of Jesus, from the movement that Ben and his team helped birth, they are the ones who brought the Gospel out here! They are the ones with powerful testimonies of God’s transforming power in their own lives. They are the ones telling Bible stories to those who’ve never heard them and inspiring faith. They are the disciple-makers who are making new disciple-makers. They start fellowships that start new fellowships.

Ben’s vision is coming true. That’s what a Disciple-Making Movement looks like to us.

*Not his real name

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